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Are you in need of a new logo, website, video, marketing campaign, SEO, visual effects for a commercial or a movie, post-production, grading, 3D graphic designs? We can make it all happen before you even say “teapot”.


Some of our clients

Here at Teapot, we never leave the job half-done. When you are looking for stunning graphic designs or extremely effective marketing campaigns, we are here for you.

What do we do?

Our services

We provide marketing and graphic design, which are two closely linked areas that define our broad field of action.


Visual Effects

We are a full-service post-production studio and therefore we like to work with every kind of visual effects.

When you are looking for colour grading, creation of 3D objects and people, retouching, rotoscoping, motion capture or a supervision at the site, we are always here for you.


Website Creation

We strongly believe that a website can be nicely-looking and functional at the same time.

Account manager, graphic designers, UX designers, computer programmers and SEO specialists all work together to create a functional and beautiful website for you.

Client’s wish is of the highest importance for us and we always try to fulfill it. Oh, and of course, we always try to achieve the highest position in an online search process.


3D Graphic Design

A game, a movie or a commercial – you often need not only a great idea but also a realistic 3D graphic design to make these masterpieces work.

We have our own render farm and a team of top-notch artists ready to astonish you. So, when can we start?


Social Media

Social media are not just about lovely photos! We build a quality brand or product identity and we also deeply care about storytelling.

We manage all your social media as a whole – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. We can take care of your profile or account in a variety of languages and we are not afraid of any challenge.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

If your customers are not able to find your website, how can they even know that they need your product or service?

Good search engine optimization helps you to get to the top search results on Google. Keyword analysis as well as content marketing can both help us to achieve this goal.


3D Scanners

Teapot was the first company in Slovakia to put together their own motion capture system and a full 3D scanner. In this area of expertise, you will not find anyone better than our supervisor Michal Šabík. Michal has invented his own technologies and he created several prototypes of 3D scanners that are able to scan the skin pore-level details.

We are able to scan ordinary objects, as well as people together with their facial expressions and hand gestures. We will create for you 3D scans so real, that you would be able to present them confidently even in Hollywood.


Advertising Campaign Creation

We want to have everything under control.

It does not matter whether you want to promote a brand or increase the number of orders. We will design, present, create and implement a comprehensive campaign that will deliver everything you expect.

Are you a small company and therefore worried that your budget will not be sufficient? Try to contact us and together we will find a reasonable solution.


We put our ♥ into our work

Our team consists of a computer programmer, account manager, graphic designer, copywriter, SEO specialist and a visual effects top-specialist. All of us are united in one team by our great love of work.

Do not hesitate and contact us.