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Are you in need of a SEO Strategy, Link Building, Marketing Strategy or Advanced PPC for you website? We can make it all happen before you even say “teapot”.


Some of our clients

Here at Teapot, we never leave the job half-done. When you are looking for stunning graphic designs or extremely effective marketing campaigns, we are here for you.

What do we do?

Our services

We provide marketing and graphic design, which are two closely linked areas that define our broad field of action.


Link Building

If your website isn’t linked across the web, how will people discover the value you offer?

Effective link building elevates your site’s authority and visibility. Strategic outreach and quality backlink acquisition are crucial steps to ensure you shine in the digital landscape.


Website Creation

We strongly believe that a website can be nicely-looking and functional at the same time.

Account manager, graphic designers, UX designers, computer programmers and SEO specialists all work together to create a functional and beautiful website for you.

Client’s wish is of the highest importance for us and we always try to fulfill it. Oh, and of course, we always try to achieve the highest position in an online search process.


Employer Branding

Potential employees need to recognize your company culture and values to see themselves thriving within your team.

Strong employer branding positions you as a top choice for talent. Crafting a compelling company narrative and showcasing workplace culture can attract and retain the best in the industry.


Social Media

Social media are not just about lovely photos! We build a quality brand or product identity and we also deeply care about storytelling.

We manage all your social media as a whole – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. We can take care of your profile or account in a variety of languages and we are not afraid of any challenge.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

If your customers are not able to find your website, how can they even know that they need your product or service?

Good search engine optimization helps you to get to the top search results on Google. Keyword analysis as well as content marketing can both help us to achieve this goal.


We put our ♥ into our work

Our team consists of a computer programmer, account manager, graphic designer, copywriter, SEO specialist and a visual effects top-specialist. All of us are united in one team by our great love of work.

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